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Wedding Dress

Why Avian?

  • At Avian Bridal we strive to give our brides and our other customers a unique and personal experience.

  • We are a local shop owned and operated by locals.

  • We offer all of our dresses in the store to be bought off the rack for those in need of a dress fast but not wanting to compromise on the quality of the gown they are getting.

  • We carry five different wedding gown collections, three different prom lines and three different mother of the bride/groom lines, giving you all different styles and designs making sure you will find exactly what you are looking for!

  • Some of our wedding dress lines offer complete customability, allowing brides to make a dress that is absolutely perfect for their vision!

The journey of Avain Bridal began as a dream that was much bigger than I could ever imagine and a precious little girl that came into my life with her sweet, radiant smile that melts this aunt's heart every time I look into her precious face. Avianna Marie gave me the inspiration to open Avian Bridal. When I was younger, I read the inspirational words by Anne Frank and this quote had always been my life values and goal. We should never wait a moment to achieve our dreams, to show kindness, to help others, or to make the change we want to see in the world. It doesn't have to be something spectacular and grand that everyone needs to see, but small, simple gestures that show people you care. Hence, the reason for creating Avian Bridal, first I wanted Avianna to know she can grow up to accomplish anything she sets her mind too, whether through success or failure, I want her to never stop trying and to have determination in all areas of her life. Secondly, I want every woman that comes into Avian Bridal to know and feel how beautiful she is, not just on the outside by wearing a gorgeous gown on her wedding day, but everyday! During her time at Avian Bridal we want every girl to feel like royalty and radiate her true beauty. 

Bride Running in Desert

Wedding Gowns

We take pride in carrying a unique and trendy collection of bridal gowns that fit every kind of brides style. 

We love to celebrate with you and make your experience enjoyable and relaxing, allowing you to soak in the excitement of wedding dress shopping!

Girls Dressed for School Dance

Prom Gowns

Prom season is an exciting time for all high school girls and we love that our dresses will make you stand out in a crowd!

Many gowns in our collection would also be a great fit for homecoming ! 

Excited Bride

Mother of the Bride / Groom Gowns

The mother's collection is near and dear to our hearts because we love serving the ladies who mean so much to their daughter or son! We strive to keep a fashionable collection for the mother's who deserve to feel and look beatiful on the big day as well!

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